Scoop & Bag

Scoop & Bag Cat Waste Self-Bagging Litter ScoopClick here to purchase Scoop & Bag Self-Bagging Cat Waste Litter Scoop. It cleans and bags with one easy motion.

  • No spilling – no mess
  • Works for cat waste and dog waste
  • Works with every cat litter and any bag
  • Odor-Seal Waste Collection Bags seal in odor, also sold separately
  • Manufacturer’s warranty against breakage
  • Made in the USA


  • Spill-Guard Hood captures waste when the scoop is tilted up, and prevents spilling
  • Particle Collector is a flat area at the rear of the triangulated teeth, used for collecting very small pieces of waste
  • Triangulated Teeth separate waste from litter with little or no shaking required
  • Scraping Plow has a sturdy angled edge designed for scraping
  • Odor-Seal Bags are opaque white, zip-close bags that eliminate odor instantly


  1. LOAD. Slip waste bag over transfer handle, between handle and bag controller.
  2. SCOOP. Scoop up waste.
  3. BAG. Tilt scoop up to drop waste through handle into bag.
  4. DISCARD. When all waste has been gathered, remove bag, seal and place in trash.

Cat Waste Litter Scoop Directions